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Distance Readings

Juliet Wicks
Distinctive Readings

Higher Self, Soul Journey, Animal Connection

written via Distance Sittings using your images

A Little
About my Journey

Juliet Wicks

Bringing through 'Spirit messages' found its way to me through practising Reiki.

A Japanese word which we usually translate as 'higher life force energy'.

Reiki is given by a specially trained Reiki Master via workshops and attunements.

I was pushed on by synchronistic events, books and new friendships until I collided with an amazing Reiki Master whose eclectic family background encompassed Hindu, Christian and Buddhist faiths exploded my world into visions of infinite possibility.

Workshops and groups followed, giving more credence to what I was already feeling, and being able to share this with individuals going through their own processes of awakening to the value of Light in all of its forms – engaging, enlightening and healing.

Practising Reiki with friends led to experiencing my own spontaneous streaming of words, paragraphs and full ‘writings’ filled with evocative angelic messages.

This 'higher thought streaming' was being penned straight to paper and then to keyboard, where often more would come through,

in between the given lines.

Animal forms from the Spirit dimensions started arriving to leave their own messages for their beloved carers - and animals still in the ‘living’ showed eagerness to make a higher connection too.

It was unstoppable and profound to experience all these levels of awareness and  to write in a poetic spiritual style,

canine, feline, equine, and more.

So much emotional healing was coming through in the words for companions on both sides of the Veil, and teaching me so much more than any book could describe.

And the magic continues.

I am often influenced to place different crystals nearby while I am writing for those fur or feathered clients, by tuning in to their vibrational patterns,  I soon realised they all have very individual preferences for colour.

If I am including a distance mini Reiki session for the client, animal guides for Distance Reiki will arrive for each session and enrich the whole experience.

‘They’ choreograph the sessions to suit the client & me

“I am in the Hands of Spirit”

Juliet Wicks Distance Readings

Higher Self Reading for you

“When a carefree loving friendship

Has been gifted between two hearts

They danced like children in the rain,

Never caring for what the future might hold

And now the one who has been left behind

Must reassess her reflection in the looking glass ~

And know to honour that memory

That she must carry on . . .”


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Images for
Distance Readings

Distance Readings for you
Animal Readings
Animal Readings

For Human

or Animal Distance Readings

I need high quality images.

Head and shoulders for yourself,

A great face shot

For your animal companion,

Whether they are still with you, or passed across the Rainbow Bridge.

Animal Readings

My Reviews


These are genuine snips from Facebook reviews, Facebook comments, and a previous Web Page

Client names not given for privacy, 

They are a combination of

Human Essence


Animal Connection

A Gallery of Clients

All of these are genuine clients

Past and present,

Some have crossed

The Rainbow Bridge,

All have been amazing to connect with 

white swan floating  water with a single

Animal Connection

Good quality images

are required where possible

with clear views into the eyes

for the companion in your care

or the ones who have passed over the

Rainbow Bridge.

These are sensitive sittings

by remote


Typed into a printable document

Send me a message
& I’ll get back to you

Thanks for submitting!

Distinctive Readings

" Life, is brought together –

Heart Centres streaming as One

This Gift is written

Through Eternal skies,

A Voyage of Pure Spirit .."

                 Juliet Wicks

An Everglade of Dreams
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